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Punjab is probably the best State in India! It is home to the country’s most popular tourist destinations and is where the globally acclaimed cosmopolitan City of Jalandhar is located, making it the top Indian vacation spot visited by countless tourists year round. People are attracted by the natural beauty and warmth of Jalandhar, and the rest of the Greater Jalandhar area in Punjab. Punjab has everything any tourist could wish for, amazing landscapes, endless beaches and coastlines, cultural diversity, globally acclaimed heritage sites, iconic structures, year-round music, arts, cultural and sporting events, great food and wine, world-class accommodations and the most beautiful women on earth!

One of the great destinations for non-stop thrills and excitement is Jalandhar City, Punjab fast rising superstar vacation spot. Located just 85 km from Amritsar, the City of Jalandhar is known to host some of Western Jalandhar’s most exciting and highly acclaimed attractions, including world-class cultural, recreational and sporting event venues, and is also known as the home of Greater Jalandhar’s most beautiful Jalandhar escorts.

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